photoshop, manipulation, collage

I had quite an adventurous life growing up.

I traveled across the vast, unforgiving Yukon. 
I embarked on a tumultuous voyage to Tahiti aboard a ship named Bounty.
I spent some time in Derry, Maine.                                                Onetime, I even followed a white rabbit down a hole. I did it all without leaving my house. Books are like doors that open to different times and places. Just like doors, there is no limit to where you can go when you open a book and step through. I started writing stories and poems for my children. Other times for myself. Sometimes the story acts like a bird in a cage. It will fly around inside my head until I let it out.

I live in Los Angeles, California, with my beautiful family. I still seek adventures through camping, hiking, and road trips across this beautiful country.


So, open your doors young travelers! Adventure awaits!

David  C. Diaz

contact me at: author@davidcdiaz.com